Melrose Deluxe 2022

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Chaya Melrose Deluxe Roller Skates are just the thing for a beginner skater to get started!

  • Vegan polyurethane boots with soft interior padding that is excellent for comfort
  • aluminum plates with adjustable aluminum trucks and adjustable toe stops
  • 62mm Chaya Sugar Rush wheels in 78a perfect for skating outside
  • Wicked ABEC-7 bearings

Comes in a soft neutral grey that is easy to accessorize or the Starry Night sparkly glitter.

Skate sizing can be different to shoe sizing. This skate comes in Euro sizes. Ask us to confirm your size with a measurement from a foot tracing. 


Need help with skate sizing?

Use this video to make a foot tracing and we'll check your skate size with your measurement.

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