About Us

Being a Nerd is about being totally obsessed with your “thing”, no matter what people think. It’s about finding your joy and taking it out to play. It’s embracing your quirks, laughing at yourself, and diving in with your imagination and a sense of adventure. It’s about sharing your passion and inspiring each other.

I’ve always been a Nerd, reading too many books and being interested in weird stuff. In 2006 that meant Roller Derby. I had never played a team sport, never mind a full contact one, and I didn’t even know how to skate. But I named myself Roxy Acetylene and jumped in. I started on a pair of vintage thrift store skates with rusty bearings and over the next 5 years destroyed one pair of derby skates and went through 2 more models and 2 boot sizes learning that yes, the skates make a difference!

In 2012 Nerd Roller Skates was born, and every day the people who come through our doors teach us all the things that skating can be. An escape, a physical practice, a method of self-expression, a social activity, a culture, a meditation. But most of all, skating is a journey that leads to that feeling of Flow, or the Zone, that place where everything else falls away and there is nothing but the moment you’re in. Whether you’re feeling the groove in a great song, finding your stride, catching some air, or battling a pack, everyone on wheels has felt it. And we love it.

That’s why we Nerd out.Roxy and a roller skate