Wheels. What's The Difference?

Days are getting longer, birdies are chasing each other and roller skaters are cheering for street sweepers. Must be spring!

Concrete sidewalks, asphalt bike paths and outdoor hockey rinks are great places to get skating.

A good set of toe guards and some outdoor wheels are a must for pathway skating. Outdoor wheels are softer than indoor skate wheels, often with a larger diameter and a thicker layer of urethane. This helps absorb the vibration from irregular surfaces like asphalt and makes it easier to roll over cracks or small debris.


With a smaller 57mm x 32mm profile 78a hardness urethane on an internal hub, the Energy is a nice smooth ride and comes in lovely translucent colours. They also come in a 62mm and 65mm diameter!

Buy Radar Energy 57mm here

Cross-Over Wheels

The Crazy Illumin8 and the Reckless Envy come in an 84a hardness that makes them adaptable to both indoor and outdoor use. If you’re skating lots of rough pathways you might prefer a softer wheel.

We like the Sonar Zen  wheels for kids skates. The hubless design and narrower profile makes them easy to fit under smaller sized skates. 85a hardness. Check out our outdoor wheel add-on to the Dart!


It’s always a good idea to get bearings when you get wheels and save yourself the hassle of switching them. We like the Bones Reds If you put old bearings in your wheels, make sure that they are well oiled and running smoothly as seized bearings are both slow and potentially unsafe.

It’s a good idea to take a minute at the end of your outdoor skate session to wipe off any dust and mud from your skates. This will help prevent your bearings from getting dirty or rusted out and keep your skates in good shape.

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