Skate Fitting

A good fitting skate should support your foot so that every push and shift gets translated to your wheels and you are focusing on your skating instead of on your feet!

How to try on a Skate

  • Start sitting in a chair
  • Loosen up the laces and any straps or fasteners
  • Put your foot in and drop your heel in to the back of the boot by tapping your heel lightly
  • Tighten the laces and secure the straps
  • Stand up keeping your other foot on the floor and lean in to the skate with your weight

Fitting Notes

  • Skates don’t fit like shoes; your feet need to bend through your stride in your shoes, while your feet should not slip around in your skates. 
  • Sizing can vary by brand, and often doesn’t match your shoe size. Taking a measurement is the most accurate way to determine what size you need.
  • A skate boot should fit more like a pair of ski or snowboard boots than a pair of runners
  • For kids skates, you can leave a little wiggle room at the toe, but you don’t want the skates to be so big that they are sliding around in their boots with no control
  • Leather boot skates will soften and break in, particularly the ankle and side areas
  • Padding in padded skate boots will pack out as you wear them.
  • Break in should be for working the boots to fit your feet, not to make them a different size 
  • Beginners are often uncomfortable with tight fitting skates, while advanced skaters usually need a more precise fit.

Skates Are Just Right If:

  • They feel snug and your foot is held securely
  • While standing, you can stretch your toe inside the boot and barely touch the end

Skates Are Too Big If:

  • You can scootch your foot forward in the boot and make a space behind your heel. If you can fit your finger down the back of the boot and touch the bottom that’s a size too big.
  • When the skates are laced up, hold the back wheel and pull your foot like you’re pulling out of the skate. If your heel slides up, the boot is too big.

Skates Are Too Small If:

  • Your toes are pressing in to the front of the boot
  • You are shifting uncomfortably to take weight off your feet
  • When trying skates on, take some time to stand around to see how they feel. 

Notes on Width

  • People will buy shoes larger to accommodate a wider foot. For your skates, you should try to find a model that fits wider or has a more accommodating shape in order to avoid excess length that can put your wheel base in the wrong place.
  • Your skate may be too narrow if you can see your foot pushing the laces out or you feel a lot of pressure at the sides of your feet.
  • A skate may be too wide if you feel your foot “rolling” when you push, or there is a gap between the edge of the sole and the ball of the foot, or you are lacing your boots very tight to feel secure.