Mouth Guards save your teeth!

So you want to play Roller Derby? Awesome! You will need;

  1. A sense of humour
  2. The determination to get up when you fall down
  3. Willingness to meet new people and make friends

We can’t pack those things up for sale, but we can help you with a basic starter package that includes; skates, a helmet, a mouth guard, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Mouth guards are required for Roller Derby. They prevent dental injuries from accidental blows or impacts to the face and jaw.

Basic boil & bite mouth guards are the most inexpensive solution. Follow the directions on the package to fit and mold your new mouth guard.

Sisu mouth guards are the preferred choice of roller derby players. The material is thinner and denser, making it far easier to talk, drink and breathe while wearing your mouth guard. Follow the directions on the package to fit and mold the mouth guard.

Keep it clean! Resist the temptation to take your mouth guard out and put it in your helmet or your elbow pads. You don’t want to put it back in your mouth after it has rolled across the same floor as everyone’s wheels. Rinsing your mouth guard out after every practice will help keep it clean. You can also brush it with non bleaching toothpaste.

Braces? The Sisu guard will fit over braces, but you want to ask your dental professional for help to mold and fit your guard so it won’t get stuck in the hardware.

Now don’t go taking it out to yell at people on the track, because you will feel like an ass when you’re sitting in the penalty box for an illegal procedure.