How to choose and fit a helmet

How to choose a helmet and get the right size.

All the helmets at Nerd are certified multi sport helmets that are good for skating, skateboarding, biking, scooters, or any other human powered fun on wheels.

A properly fitting helmet:

  • Sits level on your head just above your eyebrows, roughly at the center of your forehead.
  • With straps undone, you can nod your head forward without it rolling off
  • Doesn’t shift or wobble around your head
  • Is secure without squeezing

Replace your helmet if:

  • It doesn’t fit correctly
  • There is visible wear and tear like indents, cracks, or bubbling in the hard foam
  • It has absorbed a serious impact or you have had a crash where you needed medical attention. 
  • If the shell of the helmet is separating from the hard foam
  • You have been using it for more than 3 years


A certified helmet is one that has been scientifically tested to meet standards for impact reduction. A certified helmet will have a sticker inside the helmet that tells you what tests it has passed. All the helmets we sell are dual certified for single and multiple impacts.

CPSC – This is single impact certification. Most bike helmets are made to this certification. Helmets of this type are designed to be discarded after one major impact.

ASTM – This is multi impact certification for skate helmets. Helmets of this type are designed to take multiple smaller impacts.

EN1078 – European helmet certification standard

AS/NZS2063 – Australian and New Zealand helmet certification

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