It’s a Zuca Christmas for the whole family!

The best and most versatile bag on the market for figure skaters, roller skaters, makeup artists, dancers and anybody with stuff to carry!

Does your back hurt from carrying all your sports equipment, school books or art supplies? Then this is the bag you need!

What makes this bag so special?

–       It’s among the strongest, toughest and most durable luggage choices – yes you can sit on it!

–       Amazingly light weight with eye-catching light up wheels that can be moved through rain, snow or any weather with ease.

–       You can switch out the insert bag itself for different patterns – your Zuca bag can get a face lift anytime it wants with a new insert.

–       The soft shell insert is hand-washable.

Buying LOCAL is cheaper! No really it is!!

–       Zuca frames are big and expensive to ship. Save on shipping fees by getting yours locally here in Calgary. Avoid surprises of hidden fees and border charges from ordering online – pay in Canadian funds with NO extra charges.

–       Don’t risk holiday shipping delays and get what you pay for on time! 

Give the gift of Zuca this Christmas!

We are centrally located in Inglewood. Call us with your order and pick up at our store in when you have time, or stop by the shop. Lots of free parking.