Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Orion Blue/Orange

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Macroblade 90 W is for a skater looking to upgrade from an older pair and gain some speed.

90mm wheels give good speed and efficiency while the higher supportive boot design provides stability and control with comfort and cushioning. Aluminum frames add durability and good energy transfer. Toggle laces and buckles secure the foot with easy to use closures. Comes with brake.

Excellent for long pathway skates and fitness skating.

  • Macroblade Shell/Upper
  • Performance Form Fit Liner
  • Twinblade Alu (max 90mm) 280mm/11" Frame
  • Rollerblade 90mm/84a Wheels
  • SG9 Bearings
  • Standard Brake


Need help with skate sizing?

Use this video to make a foot tracing and we'll check your skate size with your measurement.

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