Dart Youth Derby Pkg

This package is for juniors age 10 and up and includes

  • Riedell Dart skates
  • 187 wrist guards
  • 187 elbow pads
  • 187 fly or Triple 8 KP22 knee pads 
  • S-One Dual Certified Helmet
  • Boil & Bite mouth guard

Includes your choice of red, blue, black, or clear mouth guard and your choice of matte black, matte cyan, bright green matte, hot pink matte, dark green matte, red gloss, black gloss, white, or purple matte S-One helmet.

Darts are your choice of blue, green, black, pink or purple!

Sizing is very important for your safety and comfort! Please call us at 587-353-8505 or email us at info@nerdskates.com and we will size you over the phone so that your gear and skates come with the right fit!