Bont Hybrid Fibreglass Black

Bont boots are made using high tech materials for the ultimate in light weight skate boots. They feature a thermosetting epoxy resin that gives stiffness and a secure fit. Heat the boots in your oven, mold them to your feet and let them cool for boots that fit exactly to your feet. 

The Hybrid Leather features:

  • Strong and light weight fibreglass base with heat moldable resin
  • Australian leather outer skin
  • Microfibre interior lining
  • padded with high density closed cell memory foam that does not absorb moisture or deform

The Hybrid Leather is available for a wide range of customization including; different sized feet, wide/narrow feet or ankles, flat feet, space for orthotics, and an exciting range of colour options. We would love to help you through the process so please email or call for more information if you are interested in customization.
Most skaters will have to drop down a size to achieve the correct fit in a Bont boot. Please contact us if you are unsure of your sizing.