December 04, 2016

Nerd's Best Gift Picks of 2016

The snow is falling and we're feeling festive! We put together a handy list of our best gift picks for the roller skater in your life. 

Nerd Gift Cards

If there's a skater on your list, you can bet there's something they are dreaming of, or a ratty piece of gear they need to replace. Help them get more out of the hobby they love!



Moxi Lolly Skates $279

Nobody is ever sad to see a pair of these beauties with their comfy suede boots in luscious colours. Good for rec skaters, park skaters, and derby players looking for fun fashion skates.




Atom Sport Backpack $85

A great choice for the skater on the go, the Atom backpack is a great way to carry skates and gear. Whether on public transit, going to the skate park or getting on a plane this pack makes it easy.



Kwik Swiss Nitride Bearings $80

Treat the skater in your life to something special. High quality Swiss bearings make for the smoothest, fastest roll under any conditions. 





Zuca The Ultimate Carry-All $190-$220

Zucas are always a top pick for gifts. Pick your frame, pick your bag and you're ready to roll! The built in seat is handy wherever you're at and there are colours and patterns to suit every skater.




Riedell Dart Skates $125-$139

Sized for junior skaters, these vinyl boot skates come in a range of sweet colours and are perfect for learning to skate.