November 26, 2015

Nerd Opts Out of Black Friday

Wait, what? How can we possibly do that?

Because we have absolutely wonderful customers! Our customers are our friends and our teammates. They participate in this crazy extended community of derby players and roller skating people who share something that transcends borders and languages. They are people who live in our city, who stop in to say hello and enjoy silly Christmas socks even if they will never put wheels under their feet. Our neighbours are small businesses who do what they do with love and passion, happily sharing this active and quirky part of the city.

Our customers know that they are voting with their dollars for the places they want to have, whether it’s because they might need us to replace a broken plate on game day, or stay late to meet them when they come through town, or simply because they like interesting neighbourhoods where they can walk in to a store and chat with the owner. They are people who value the joy of living; of getting outside on wheels, road tripping with their team, or connecting to the special places in a city. They spend their money on things they can do, instead of battling for stuff to throw away.

They know they make a difference.

Thank you Nerd customers, for being awesome. We plan to work hard for you for a long time yet.