December 04, 2016

2016 Best Stocking Stuffers

Don't forget the stocking stuffers! Here's our picks for best gifts $20 and under.

 Holiday Socks $10-$14

We have the best sock collection in the neighbourhood for men, women and kids.




Sisu Mouth Guard Case $10

Keeps your mouth guard nice and clean. 





My Bout Book $20

A logbook especially for Roller Derby, it has space to track your training, games and roller derby goals.







Y3 Skate Tool $18

An all-in-one tool that every skater should have in their bag






Notorious R.E.D. $14

Keep your skate gear smelling fresh with this 100% natural sport deodorant spray. Made with tea tree, peppermint, lavender oil and witch hazel.







Radar Wheel Bags $10

Handy little bags to keep your wheels clean and organized instead of rolling around the bottom of your skate bag.




Moxi Skate Keys $5

Easy to carry on your key chain or in your skate bag, the Moxi Skate Key comes in handy for swapping out wheels on the go!



Moxi Skate Leash $10

Carry your skates with ease using your handy and colourful Moxi Skate Leash. One skate hooks on each end of the leash, and you sling it over your shoulder.  So simple!