October 08, 2014

Initial pass around the sun

A whole lot of great photos got posted during our birthday contest from our sponsored leagues. We couldn't help but be struck at what this random collection of photos represents. We saw derby players with big smiles on their faces. Moms, Dads, Grandpas, Grandmas, kids and even pets showed off their team's colours. Pictures were posted from the local newspapers, parades, charity events and parties. These photos tell the story of how Roller Derby inspires us to come together and get engaged in our communities, to build something larger than ourselves, and to have way more fun!

All our sponsored leagues will be getting some birthday surprises in the mail, but here's our contest winners.

1st Place - Grimshaw Grim Reapers Roller Derby $200 in Nerd gift cards

2nd Place - Gas City Rollers $160 in Nerd gift cards

3rd Place - Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild $100 in Nerd gift cards

Special Edition Nerd T-shirt Winners are:

CRDA - Aldera "Dazzler" Chisholm for getting pics with "the Commish"

GCRDA - Joel McNally for nerdiest use of a league logo T-shirt

RDRDA - Ragnar Olafson for cutest couple picture

Grim Reapers - It speaks to how much of a team you are that nearly all the photos featured you working together and we couldn't pick out a stand alone shot! Tianna Jade Rebalkin's little boy wins this one for being the team's biggest fan.

LRDG - Cherri Blaster. We had a hard time here! Cherri won in the end for use of props and for getting the most likes for her pics.

CCRD - Chris Gobeil for wearing the taped-up glasses and being a derby fanboy

BVRD - Corrie DiManno for posting a really great shot of Trippy Stix flying through the air

GPRDA - Kerrie Hacksaw Skarberg for generating the most comments from a newspaper clipping

Thanks for playing, and for letting us get to know you a bit more. Want to be a sponsored league in 2014? Just send us an email!