October 08, 2014

Nerds Love Libraries

I love the library, grabbing an armload of books for research, or even just taking out a book because I like the cover design. I never get tired of picking stuff up almost at random to check it out. Best part is it's practically free. For us Nerds who love roller skating, what could be better than starting up a Library for Wheels? Need to do some research on burning questions like "What's really better, narrow wheels or wide ones?" Wheel Library! Been using the same wheels that came with your freshie skates for a year? Wheel Library! Know that you need wheels that are grippier or faster but don't want to drop the cash on something you might hate? Wheel Library! Nerd is putting together a collection of wheels to loan out at special events. How does it work? Easy! We'll swipe your credit card at our booth and you can sign out a set of wheels to test. If you bring them back on time, no charge to you. If you love them so much you keep them, we put through the charge and you just bought a set of wheels. If you fall through a hole in the time/space continuum and don't return the wheels on time because you are trying to find a ship that can slingshot you around the sun, well you have bigger problems than a charge on your credit card. But you will return them because you are a supporter of all that makes good derby and you want everyone else to have the chance to test out some wheels too! See you at Flat Track Fever!