October 08, 2014

What you can find at Nerd

Us Nerds have been hard at work bringing in a huge variety of stuff to get you rolling!

Skates- complete skates from Riedell, boots from Riedell and Antik, Volt and Rock skates for kids.

Plates- Snyder, Sure Grip Avengers and XK-4, Powerdyne Reactor

Pads and Protective Gear- 187, Triple 8, Smith Scabs, Atom Gear, Nutcase helmets

Wheels- Rollerbones, Radar Wheels, Atom Wheels, Sure Grip, Reckless, Heartless and Bzerk from Grnmnstr

Tools and Parts- hardware, cushions, trucks, bearings, axle nuts, skate tools, lube

Clothes- Pivotstar, Sock it To Me, Sourpuss socks, over 20 types of skate laces, and Nerd shirts

OMG how to carry all this stuff? Well we have some pretty awesome gear bags too.

See you soon!