December 16, 2016

Christmas 2016 Hours

The season is upon us and we're looking forward to spending time with family and friends!

We have special hours until January 3rd, 2017 when we will be back to normal store hours.

Our hours over the holidays are:

  • Sunday December 18 12:00 noon until 5:00 PM
  • Monday December 19 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday December 20 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday December 21 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Thursday December 22 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Friday December 23 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM
  • Saturday December 24 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM
  • Sunday December 25 Closed
  • Monday December 26 Closed
  • Tuesday December 27 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday December 28 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Thursday December 29 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Friday December 30 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Saturday December 31 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM
  • Sunday January 1 Closed
  • Monday January 2 Closed

    Don't forget you can reach us via Facebook, Email, Twitter, or by calling our store at 587-353-8505!

    See you soon and happy holidays!

    December 04, 2016

    2016 Best Stocking Stuffers

    Don't forget the stocking stuffers! Here's our picks for best gifts $20 and under.

     Holiday Socks $10-$14

    We have the best sock collection in the neighbourhood for men, women and kids.




    Sisu Mouth Guard Case $10

    Keeps your mouth guard nice and clean. 





    My Bout Book $20

    A logbook especially for Roller Derby, it has space to track your training, games and roller derby goals.







    Y3 Skate Tool $18

    An all-in-one tool that every skater should have in their bag






    Notorious R.E.D. $14

    Keep your skate gear smelling fresh with this 100% natural sport deodorant spray. Made with tea tree, peppermint, lavender oil and witch hazel.







    Radar Wheel Bags $10

    Handy little bags to keep your wheels clean and organized instead of rolling around the bottom of your skate bag.




    Moxi Skate Keys $5

    Easy to carry on your key chain or in your skate bag, the Moxi Skate Key comes in handy for swapping out wheels on the go!



    Moxi Skate Leash $10

    Carry your skates with ease using your handy and colourful Moxi Skate Leash. One skate hooks on each end of the leash, and you sling it over your shoulder.  So simple!


    December 04, 2016

    Nerd's Best Gift Picks of 2016

    The snow is falling and we're feeling festive! We put together a handy list of our best gift picks for the roller skater in your life. 

    Nerd Gift Cards

    If there's a skater on your list, you can bet there's something they are dreaming of, or a ratty piece of gear they need to replace. Help them get more out of the hobby they love!



    Moxi Lolly Skates $279

    Nobody is ever sad to see a pair of these beauties with their comfy suede boots in luscious colours. Good for rec skaters, park skaters, and derby players looking for fun fashion skates.




    Atom Sport Backpack $85

    A great choice for the skater on the go, the Atom backpack is a great way to carry skates and gear. Whether on public transit, going to the skate park or getting on a plane this pack makes it easy.



    Kwik Swiss Nitride Bearings $80

    Treat the skater in your life to something special. High quality Swiss bearings make for the smoothest, fastest roll under any conditions. 





    Zuca The Ultimate Carry-All $190-$220

    Zucas are always a top pick for gifts. Pick your frame, pick your bag and you're ready to roll! The built in seat is handy wherever you're at and there are colours and patterns to suit every skater.




    Riedell Dart Skates $125-$139

    Sized for junior skaters, these vinyl boot skates come in a range of sweet colours and are perfect for learning to skate.







    November 26, 2015

    Nerd Opts Out of Black Friday

    Wait, what? How can we possibly do that?

    Because we have absolutely wonderful customers! Our customers are our friends and our teammates. They participate in this crazy extended community of derby players and roller skating people who share something that transcends borders and languages. They are people who live in our city, who stop in to say hello and enjoy silly Christmas socks even if they will never put wheels under their feet. Our neighbours are small businesses who do what they do with love and passion, happily sharing this active and quirky part of the city.

    Our customers know that they are voting with their dollars for the places they want to have, whether it’s because they might need us to replace a broken plate on game day, or stay late to meet them when they come through town, or simply because they like interesting neighbourhoods where they can walk in to a store and chat with the owner. They are people who value the joy of living; of getting outside on wheels, road tripping with their team, or connecting to the special places in a city. They spend their money on things they can do, instead of battling for stuff to throw away.

    They know they make a difference.

    Thank you Nerd customers, for being awesome. We plan to work hard for you for a long time yet.

    October 08, 2014


    We now have our freshmeat packages posted on our shopping site!

    You should go there and check it out.  Basic and pro packages paired with our R3, Antik and She Devil (Riedell 126 in two widths) skates.

    If you're looking for a deal to get started we have them online right now!

    October 08, 2014

    Initial pass around the sun

    A whole lot of great photos got posted during our birthday contest from our sponsored leagues. We couldn't help but be struck at what this random collection of photos represents. We saw derby players with big smiles on their faces. Moms, Dads, Grandpas, Grandmas, kids and even pets showed off their team's colours. Pictures were posted from the local newspapers, parades, charity events and parties. These photos tell the story of how Roller Derby inspires us to come together and get engaged in our communities, to build something larger than ourselves, and to have way more fun!

    All our sponsored leagues will be getting some birthday surprises in the mail, but here's our contest winners.

    1st Place - Grimshaw Grim Reapers Roller Derby $200 in Nerd gift cards

    2nd Place - Gas City Rollers $160 in Nerd gift cards

    3rd Place - Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild $100 in Nerd gift cards

    Special Edition Nerd T-shirt Winners are:

    CRDA - Aldera "Dazzler" Chisholm for getting pics with "the Commish"

    GCRDA - Joel McNally for nerdiest use of a league logo T-shirt

    RDRDA - Ragnar Olafson for cutest couple picture

    Grim Reapers - It speaks to how much of a team you are that nearly all the photos featured you working together and we couldn't pick out a stand alone shot! Tianna Jade Rebalkin's little boy wins this one for being the team's biggest fan.

    LRDG - Cherri Blaster. We had a hard time here! Cherri won in the end for use of props and for getting the most likes for her pics.

    CCRD - Chris Gobeil for wearing the taped-up glasses and being a derby fanboy

    BVRD - Corrie DiManno for posting a really great shot of Trippy Stix flying through the air

    GPRDA - Kerrie Hacksaw Skarberg for generating the most comments from a newspaper clipping

    Thanks for playing, and for letting us get to know you a bit more. Want to be a sponsored league in 2014? Just send us an email!


    October 08, 2014

    Our first Nerd Birthday

    Nerd is about to have our first birthday, and we feel like a couple of kids who've just been given a giant slice of cake and a bouncy castle full of balloons with a pen full of puppies and kittens right next to it.

    2013 has been an amazing year for Roller Derby in our local community. We have celebrated joys and shared sorrows, welcomed new team mates and wished old friends well,  reached for the stars and skated harder than ever as our sport continues to grow with more teams, more games and more skaters than ever before.

    It has been such a joy for us to dedicate our working hours to this amazing community of People Who Roll, and we wouldn’t have reached this milestone without all of you.  We've got some love to share as we count down the weeks to our birthday, so watch this space!

    October 08, 2014

    Flat Track Fever Preview

    It's almost here! 18 teams, three tracks, live streaming video and more derby than you can blow a whistle at. Flat Track Fever is happening at the Olympic Oval in Calgary April 12-14 and Nerd is a major sponsor of the event.

    When you're not busy skating your heart out or screaming yourself hoarse watching a bout, come on down to the Nerd booth because we have so much awesome packed in you won't even believe it. We are bringing our entire store directly to you!

    Fix It Table

    Lost a wheel nut? Broke a truck? Don't let it ruin your game! Nerd will have a Fix It table all weekend with spare parts and tools to fix any problems you have.

    Need your name and number pressed on a shirt for a pickup scrimmage? We'll have our high speed vinyl cutter and heat press on site to do any name or number that you need with your choice from our font menu.

    Wheel Library

    We'll be loaning out all sorts of wheels for testing all weekend for three hours at a time. All you need is your credit card. Get there early so you don't miss out!

    G No Evil talks Bonts Saturday 11am - 2pm

    Curious about Bont boots? Nerd is hosting a Bont fitting party at the booth with G No Evil. We'll have the full stock of Bont boots, including the Hybrid Carbon, Hybrid Leather and Microfibre boot.

    The one and only Quadzilla!

    Saturday 2pm to 5pm Want to try on some Antik boots? Ask questions about Reckless, Envy, Heartless or B'Zerk wheels? Why not ask the man behind Grnmnstr himself at the Nerd booth!

    Flustercluck will Fix You Up Friday 6:30 to 7:30pm and Saturday 10:00 to 11:00am. Need a gear tune up? Have a question? Want to get the best out of your skates? Flustercluck will be offering his Gear Matters workshop at the Fix It table in the Nerd booth.

    Wait, you don't have tickets yet? Stop by our shop, because we have them in hand at the same presale price as Brown Paper Tickets!. We can't wait to see you there!

    October 08, 2014

    Nerds Love Libraries

    I love the library, grabbing an armload of books for research, or even just taking out a book because I like the cover design. I never get tired of picking stuff up almost at random to check it out. Best part is it's practically free. For us Nerds who love roller skating, what could be better than starting up a Library for Wheels? Need to do some research on burning questions like "What's really better, narrow wheels or wide ones?" Wheel Library! Been using the same wheels that came with your freshie skates for a year? Wheel Library! Know that you need wheels that are grippier or faster but don't want to drop the cash on something you might hate? Wheel Library! Nerd is putting together a collection of wheels to loan out at special events. How does it work? Easy! We'll swipe your credit card at our booth and you can sign out a set of wheels to test. If you bring them back on time, no charge to you. If you love them so much you keep them, we put through the charge and you just bought a set of wheels. If you fall through a hole in the time/space continuum and don't return the wheels on time because you are trying to find a ship that can slingshot you around the sun, well you have bigger problems than a charge on your credit card. But you will return them because you are a supporter of all that makes good derby and you want everyone else to have the chance to test out some wheels too! See you at Flat Track Fever!

    October 08, 2014

    Nerd Online is here!

    We've been hunched over our Nerd computers for what feels like forever but Nerd Online is launching today!

    Finally our friends outside of Calgary can shop our whole store from the comfort of their desk, bed, park bench or wherever you use a computer. Please say you're not using the computer while driving or in the bathtub because that would make us fear for your safety. If you're going to be in town, we have a pick up in store option for your convenience.

    All you have to do is click the "Shop Nerd Online" tab to see everything we have in the store, from skate boots and plates, to wheels, tools, safety gear and clothing. If there's something you're looking for that you don't see, please give us a call and we can help you out!